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Niles Police Station, Niles, IllinoisNiles Police Station

PSA - Dewberry

The village of Niles saw the need to provide a new structure to replace the 40 year old outdated police facility. The new facility was required to be constructed on the same piece of property that the existing police station was located. The existing station would also need to function without interruption until the new station was completed. The new program was three times the size of the existing facility. The amount square footage required for the new facility, was not available on the site, therefore the building would need to be multiple stories over an Ameritech duct bank that feeds O’Hare airport.

From extensive discussions with the Board of Directors for the Village, the Village manager and Village police officers, it was decided that the building should reflect the statement “protect and serve.” The basic concept from this phrase that was stressed as most important is the desire to make the facility seem inviting. The group of decision makers wanted the Police Department of Niles to be considered friendly and accessible to the public.


Jury Comments:

  • The building fits the scale of a busy intersection.
  • Has a highway scale side and a pedestrian scale side 
  • Example of 21st Century Architecture. Freshest, most contemporary submission
  • Each insertion of new material clearly defined.
  • Well presented.

Niles Police Station  Niles Police Station


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